About Us

Our Team's Design Philosophy

We want to strive to make games that respect players and enable them to make their own efforts in finding new ways to solve problems.

A Classic RPG Experience

Can’t find something for a quest? Are you lost? Check your journal and read what NPCs had to say about it. Put one and one together and solve problems all by yourself.

No Artificial Orientation

We purposefully design our games so that players will not need artificial elements like a mini map or quest markers to find their way around.

Our Inspirations

Games like “Morrowind” or “Gothic” inspired us to make a game like this ourselves. We think there’s a lack of games that take players seriously and an overload of games that tell players what to do at all times.


Chris (he/him)

Our project manager and jack of all trades. He keeps everything organized and gives his all to make our vision for “Drova” happen. Since he works closely with every department, he always knows what’s going on.

Kai (he/him)

You wanna know how we implemented a certain feature? Kai is the one to answer those questions. He is our Programming Lead and locks himself up in the company’s basement to get the algorithms flowing.

Johannes (he/him)

Not only is he the server admin and one of our programmers, he is doing god’s work to make sure we get the necessary paperwork done. Oh, and he is also our music composer. All the music you hear in the Teaser was made by him.

Julian (he/him)

Any of the visuals need to pass Julian’s judgement. As our Art Lead, he envisions what our game will look like and organizes everything that needs to be done to make the game look good.