Drova Teaser

Find the Aether

Experience a handcrafted open world, where YOU can decide where to go next, who to help and who to pick a fight with.

Choose One Of Two Factions

Join one of two unique factions and earn yourself a respectable position within them. Will you join the nature-loving faction or the ripped brutes?

Actions Have Consequences

Both factions have their own morals and values, none of which are objectively the “right thing to do”. You will have to make tough decisions and you will have to suffer the consequences, no matter what you do.

Our Vision For Drova


Look around every corner and find valuable items, useful scrolls or a hidden enemy. Every inch in this world will have a purpose and chances are high you’re the first to find something, if you pay attention. Couldn’t get past this one strong enemy yet? Use a scroll you found earlier to make the fight easier or come back when you’re stronger to find out what that enemy was guarding.


Master a fast-paced action combat system with depths and an arsenal of weapons to choose from. Be creative and find out what weapon is the most effective against dangerous foes. You will die. But you will get up again. Every death means you learned something about the world you didn’t know before. Adapt to your surroundings and choose your weapons wisely.


Immerse in a world made from the ashes of an old civilization. Become one with nature or claim your position as the new god in an ever changing society. Play politics or be the brute, claiming what’s rightfully yours. Are you honor bound or do the ends justify the means?

It’s entirely up to you.