Entry conditions

Participating in the prize competition by “Just2D Interactive GmbH”, henceforth referred to as the organizer, is free of charge and bound to the following entry conditions.

Company address:
Just2D Interactive GmbH
Zum Wiesgen 5a
39116 Magdeburg


Procedure of the competition

The prize competition will take place between June 01, 2022 4 PM CET and June 30, 2022 11:59 PM CET. In this time frame, users will be given the opportunity to partake in the prize competition online.


To participate in the prize competition, users will have to register for it on the organizers Discord Server “Drova – Forsaken Kin” and thereby agree to the entry conditions, as well as entering the high score list of the free video game “Drova: The Arena” by completing it at least once. “Drova: The Arena” is available for free on Steam , itch.io as well as Game Jolt and offers the possibility to compare yourself with other players in the form of a leaderboard. Completing the game takes about 5-15 minutes and only requires defeating the incoming waves of enemies. The goal is to maintain a high value for the combo bar implemented in the game to get as many points as possible. Maintaining high values for the combo bar is done by hitting enemies or blocking attacks while the player model does not get hit. Participation is only possible within the given time frame, entries provided outside of that time frame will not be eligible for the prize competition.

For every given participant only one entry is eligible. It is forbidden to provide multiple entries for one person in order to increase one’s chances of winning or for any other reason. 

The participation is completely free of charge.

Eligible Participants

Only individual, natural persons above the age of 14 are eligible for the prize competition. The participation is not tied to customers of the organizers or any purchases of services or goods.

If a participant has limited legal capacity, the consent of his or her legal representative is required.

All persons involved in the conception and implementation of the competition and employees of the organizer as well as their family members are not eligible to participate in the competition. In addition, the organizer reserves the right, at its own discretion, to exclude persons from participation if there are justified reasons, for example:

(a) manipulations in connection with access to or implementation of the competition, (b) violation of these entry conditions, (c) unauthorized trade, (d) false or misleading information about the  participation in the prize competition or (e) in case of attempts to deceive with regard to the second entry in the raffle.

Prize, notification and transmission of the prize

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • First place on the scoreboard: 100€ coupon for an online retailer, e.g. Steam
  • Second place on the scoreboard: 50€ coupon for an online retailer, e.g. Steam
  • Third place on the scoreboard: 25€ coupon for an online retailer, e.g. Steam
  • “Paper Chase”: A representation of the winner in the video game “Drova – Forsaken Kin”.

The first three prizes will go to the three persons who have achieved the three highest scores in the free video game “Drova: Arena” at the end of the time frame. After successfully completing the arena, a score based on the performance within the game is issued and stored on a database.

The determination of the winner for the “Paper Chase” will take place during the time frame of the competition. There are clues hidden in the game client that need to be combined to get a code at the end of the puzzle. This code must be sent to the organizer’s employee Thomas Reich (hereinafter “employee”) by joining the organizer’s Community Discord server and sending the employee (Discord username: Lamora#3855) a message containing the code. Relevant for winning is being the first to send the code to the employee within the time frame of the competition.

The winners of the raffle will be informed about the prize in time via a separate email or Discord.

The prize will only be handed over to the winner or to the legal representative of the underage winner. An exchange, a self-collection as well as a cash payment equal to the prize’s value are not possible.

Any costs incurred for shipping the prizes will be borne by the organizer.  Any additional costs associated with claiming the prize must be borne by the winner. The winner is responsible for any taxation of the prize.

If the winner does not respond after two requests within a period of 7 days, the prize may be transferred to another participant.

Termination of the prize competition

The organizer reserves the right to terminate the competition without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular to any reasons that would disrupt or prevent the competition from running as planned.


The provision of personal data is necessary for the delivery of the prize. The participant assures that the personal data provided by him, in particular first name, last name and email address, are true and correct.

The organizer points out that all personal data of the participant will neither be passed on to third parties nor given to them for use without consent. Furthermore, the personal data of the winner will only be used for the purpose of handing over the prize and will be deleted afterwards. The real name of the winner will not be made public.

In the event of a win, the winner agrees to the publication of his username on Discord. This includes the announcement of the winner on the organizer’s website and its social media platforms.

The participant can revoke his declared consent at any time. Participants are also granted the right to obtain information about the data they have provided, as well as the right to request that the provided data be corrected. The revocation is to be sent in writing to the address of the organizer shown in the imprint area, or in direct contact via Discord or email to the given contact information in the introduction of these entry conditions. After revocation of the consent, the collected and stored personal data of the participant will be deleted immediately.

Applicable law

Questions or complaints related to the competition should be addressed to the organizer. Contact details can be found in the imprint section of the organizer’s website.

The prize competition of the organizer is exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Legal recourse is excluded with regard to the drawing of the winners and the possible judging of the raffle entries submitted. The liability privilege for participant contributions does not apply if contributions are selected manually and posted by the organizer.

Severability clause

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Participation is or becomes invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Participation. In place of the invalid provision, the legally permissible provision that comes closest in economic terms to the meaning and purpose expressed in the invalid provision shall apply. The same shall apply in the event of a loophole in these Conditions of Participation.

Good luck and all the best wishes the team of Just2D