Arena Season 3

Get Into The Ring And Fight!

Check out our newest changest to the combat system. Try out weapons, use powerful spells and slay new enemies through multiple waves.

Win Up To 100€

Climb the scoreboard and put your name on the first place. Whoever ends up on top of it at the end of the season, wins 100€! Second place gets 50€ and third place gets 25€. Easy money!

Go On A Paper Chase

Talk to the NPCs in the hub area and find out what their problems are. Solve the riddle first and immortalize yourself in “Drova – Forsaken Kin”!

also on: Itch and Game Jolt

How to Play

1. Start Arena Client

Start the Teaser on Steam and select “Drova – Arena” upon launch. If you downloaded the client through Itch or Game Jolt, you only have the Arena build and can start it directly.

2. Choose A Username

Click “login” in the popup once the game launches for the first time or later on in the main menu to pick a username. That’s it, if you picked a username, your scores are visible on the scoreboard!

3. Play!

Now get into the ring and smash up some enemies.

Or talk to NPCs and solve some riddles. Your decision.

Arena Roadmap

What Is Drova - Arena?

Give Us Feedback

Play an early version of our combat system and provide us with your feedback to make “Drova” a game that suits your needs.

Win Awesome Prizes

Every season of “Drova – Arena” comes with a prize. The prize money will be raffled between all participants.

Immortalize yourself

Submit your score and claim the title of “Gladiator” to immortalize yourself in our final game “Drova – Forsaken Kin”.